We were on our way to @hobbylobby to get some decorations for my office walls yesterday when we got into a freak accident. Things happened so quickly. We were all safe. I'm Still in bed sore but nothing that ibuprofen couldn't fix. Things could have been so much worst, and I am grateful that it's not. Our angels are always guding and protecting us so well. I must have a direct line to God (All of us!) Today, I opened my eyes with so much humbleness and humility. Everyday is a gift, every hour, every minute, every second. Tell the people you love how much you feel. Forgive easily, and never hold a grudge. I knew this well, but Yesterday was like a small nudge, a tap in my shoulders. That "Hey, anything can happen in a split second!" We must always be aware and prepared. I am sending all of you a prayer of protection. I hope you're always safe and protected as well. Thank you again for all your love and prayers. My heart is full. #gratefulheart #mommylhey #smalloffice #homeoffice #craftspace


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